Brindisi, one of the most important harbours in the Roman empire, is now the starting point for many tourists taking cruises. Along the coastline, which is almost 80 km long, many paths wind through olive groves and along beaches. Tiny harbours as if from a dreams and steep coastal terrain descending into small bays let you forget your everyday life.

Atrás Hacia las ofertas

Nombre: Aeropuerto de Brindisi (BDS)
Ubicación: 3 km aprox. al norte del centro de Brindisi

Name: Brindisi Airport (BDS)
Lage: ca. 3 Kilometer nördlich vom Stadtzentrum Brindisi entfernt
Flughafen Webseite:
Per Bus: ca. 40 min., ca. 5 €


Información Tiempo Precio
by Bus from/to Brindisi approx. 40 min. approx. 5 €
Parking up to 2 hrs. 1,80 €