Just 150 km away from the African coast, in the middle of the Atlantic, lies one of Europe's favourite tourist destinations. Endless beaches in the south and the unique dunes of Maspalomas invite visitors to sunbathe and splash in the water. This island is an oasis for city children, with its great variety of fauna on the island, its almond and orange trees, its deep-green Canary palms with their orange fruits that gleam like paradise, and the odd plants of the spurge family.

Atrás Hacia las ofertas

Nombre: Aeropuerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (LPA)
Ubicación: 18 km aprox. al sur del centro de la ciudad de Las Palmas

Name: Flughafen Las Palmas/Gran Canaria (LPA)
Lage: ca. 18 km südlich von Las Palmas Stadtzentrum 
Flughafen Webseite: derreisefuehrer.com flugplandaten.de