Beautiful beaches, exceptional nightlife, friendly people, great cuisine and the whimsical "play" between the old and the new promise an unforgettable vacation on Crete. The capital of the island, Heraklion, is a modern city with about 180,000 residents. Dive into the past at the Venetian harbour or experience Knossos, the largest centre of Minoan culture, just 5 km south of the centre.

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Nombre: Aeropuerto de Heraclión (HER)
Ubicación: 4 km aprox. al este del centro de Heraclión

Name: Flughafen Heraklion (HER)
Lage: ca. 4 km östlich von Heraklion Stadtzentrum
Flughafen Webseite:
Taxi: ca. 9 €


Información Tiempo Precio
by Taxi approx. 9 €