Trade fair city? Cultural metropolis? Or perhaps a boom town? Leipzig has many exciting faces, with a spectrum that ranges from Johann Sebastian Bach and St. Thomas’ Boys Choir, to the traditional Leipzig Book Fair, right through to the Monday demonstrations in 1989. A stroll around this vibrant city and its many highlights never fails to impress. Afterwards, call in to Zill's Tunnel (Barfussgässchen 9) to enjoy the traditional vegetable mix, Leipziger Allerlei with morel mushrooms and crayfish.

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Nombre: Aeropuerto de Leipzig-Halle (LEJ)
Ubicación: 18 km al noroeste de Leipzig

Name: Flughafen Leipzig-Halle (LEJ)
Lage: 18 km nordwestlich vom Leipzig
Flughafen Webseite:


Información Tiempo Precio
by train from/to Leipzig main station RegionalExpress DB (every 30 min.) FlughafenExpress

Intercity (every 60 Min.)
15 min.

15 min.

15 min.
approx. 3,30 €

6,00 €

6,00 €
by taxi from/to Leipzig approx.  40 min. approx. 30 €
parking 1 h
1 day
1,00 € - 2,00 €
7,00 € - 16,00 €